Azkals arrived in Ulan Bator

MANILA, Philippines – Members of the Azkals Philippine national football team have landed on Ulan Bator, Mongolia, 2 days before their AFC Challenge Cup match against the Mongolian Blue Wolves. The team arrived in Mongolia around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. The Azkals went direct to the Palace Hotel in Ulan Bator.
If their arrival in Ulan Bator got delayed, they risked postponing their game against the Blue Wolves on Tuesday. The Azkals will play amid freezing conditions in Ulan Bator, where the temperature has reportedly dropped minus-18 degress Celsius and where ice has formed on the ground.
Simon Greatwich, who traveled way back from New York, has also met with the rest of his teammates. Meanwhile, Azkals Jason Sabio who was also stranded in a separate Japan airport last Friday, is also bound to Mongolia . He will will fly to Ulan Bator via Beijing, China. (By Dyan Castillejo) Read Full Story