Experts confident Phl XI will pull thru

MANILA, Philippines – Former national football coach Aris Caslib said yesterday he expects the Philippines to beat Mongolia in the rematch of their Challenge Cup home-and-away qualifying series at Ulan Bator this afternoon and predicted the same score, 2-0, as in the first game in Bacolod.
But to clinch the tie, Caslib said the Azkals must make adjustments in their style of play particularly as Mongolia will have scouted the Philippines more assiduously by now.

Philippine Football Federation (PFF) chairman Johnny Romualdez said once the game gets going, the weather won’t be a factor for as long as the players keep moving.

Romualdez said since Mongolia will be more offense-oriented, the defense should loosen up for the Azkals to score.
Another former national coach Juan Cutillas said the Azkals will win with no problem. I expect Mongolia’s defense to open up a little and that will make it easier for us to score. If our defense holds, they’ll try to score with long balls but we should be able to handle whatever they try.” ( By Joaquin Henson) Read Full Story