Scouting Report: Dennis Castillo, A Future Azkal?

Dennis Loja Castillo | Photo by Soccer Central Philippines

By Charles Hizon

Dennis Castillo is a 15-year-old footballer who plays for the U17 of Danish 2nd Division West side Vanloese IF. Dennis has a great story at a tender age – almost quit football at one point in his career when overlooked due to his physical stature, but later on he was gifted a second chance and found himself in top form scoring 64 goals in 50 games in one season (I remember Paul Scholes in this story). Right now the National team has the services of Jerry Lucena and Dennis Cagara who play their football in Denmark. Dennis Castillo could be one of the future talents for the National Team.
Full Name:                Dennis Loja Castillo
Nationality:               Filipino
Birth Date/Place:   15/11-1996, Iloilo City
Club:                     Vanloese IF
Position:               Offensive midfielder or wing – Attacker.
Preferred Foot:      Right (can use left)
Bio:  I lived my first 5½ years in Iloilo City, then I went to Denmark with my mother and brother. My mother went to Denmark in 1999, to visit my auntie. And there she met my stepfather (Jeff). They got married rather quickly and in 2001 we all moved to Denmark, and I’ve lived here since then. At age 6 I got a pair of roller skates for my birthday and when Jeff saw how quickly I learned to roll on them and do tricks, he took me to the local ice hockey club for training practice and I turned out to be very good at it. But there are problems, like getting there for training and the fact that they only play in the winter!
Discovering Football
I decided to try football (soccer) and ‘boom boom shake it baby’ I’ve found my ‘religion’!  And I’ve loved it ever since and as it turned out I seemed to have a good talent for it too. I started my career in a club called Fremad Valby BK. (1½ year). Then in 2003, when we moved to a larger apartment in Hillerød, I started playing in Hillerød GI on the 1995 team from 2004 – 2007 (4years)!
When Dennis Almost Quit
Then in 2008, I was accepted to the youth talent team in Denmark’s best youth club, Lyngby BK. I played there for 1 year, and was getting good critiques for my technical skills, but due to my Pinoy stature (my physique) I was sent back to Hillerød GI to try to get stronger. Unfortunately some of my team mates from before and the new trainer never gave me a fair chance and I never got to be a liked player on the team again. And therefore I was almost gave up football!
Dennis’ Comeback
But luckily the trainer from the 1996 team wanted to use me on his team. And there I really flourished again. I got my excitement back and the love for the game and I made a total of 64 goals in 50 games that season! But the structure of junior football in Denmark doesn’t allow juniors to play along boys, so for the season 2011 I had to find another place to play! And since I didn’t want to go back to Hillerød GI’s 1995 team, me and my father started to scout for clubs for tryouts. We were very lucky with the first ‘shot’; we went to try out in Vanløse IF and now I’m part of their U17 1 Division Team which is about 4 levels above the level they play in, on the Hillerød GI 1995 team.
So the greatest moments in my career must be:
  • My first season in Lyngby BK, where I really, really learned a lot.
  • My revival season on the 1996’s team in Hillerød GI.
And hopefully there’s more to come. Source

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Charles Hizon. An expert football sports writer and enthusiast who writes for Soccer Central Philippines.