Soccer Central PH: Chat With Upcoming Azkal Mika Ortelli

Mika Ortelli | Photo courtesy of Mika Ortelli

By Charles Hizon

We spotted Mika Ortelli as one of the upcoming new faces to strengthen the national team in their bid to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Mika plays for French 4th division side Lyon Duchère AS where he takes the role of a Right/Left full back. The offensive minded defender is also able to play right midfield- that provides another option for the German boss, and adds that extra dimension to the team. Mika is eager to join the Azkals and he pledges his Filipino roots by his right arm tattoo of the three stars and the sun.

Mika – “I prove it with my tattoo of the 3 stars and the sun on my right arm”

How did you gain interest to join the national team?

I always love Philippines I already went there when I was 7,I am very proud to be Filipino. I prove it with my tattoo of the 3 stars and the sun on my right arm, since I was 15 I search to play for them until I’ve found the ID of the PFF so I’ve send a email and they answered.

As left/right back, obviously there are different types of players, in your case, what can you bring in to the game to help your team?

I think that I can bring a touch of attacking. I am a defender but I like attacking in the style of Dani Alves or Maicon however I am not them! hehe…Of course I don’t forget defend! Also my speed can be a plus for the team.

What is your preferred playing style? Weiss employs attacking football rather than a defensive approach, what to you think of that mentality?

As I am a very offensive defender, I don’t like to stay in defence and wait for the attacks of the other teams. I use my speed and to bring up the danger in front the cage of my adversary.

Mika added..

I like Weiss’ mentality because he recognized that the team has a big offensive potential, he never close up the game, he likes take risk and that’s cool for the fans who came watch the game however sometimes the offensive game has a big default when you play against a good team they can cons attacked quickly and score a goal.

Mika will be arriving in the 20th of June to join the team’s preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifiers where they meet another South Asian nation, Sri Lanka. Source
Editor’s Note: This article was written by Charles Hizon. An expert football sports writer and enthusiast who writes for Soccer Central Philippines.