Azkals doing the Pacman: Train 10 times harder than actual games

Azkals to follow Pacman’s training principle: Train 10 times harder than actual games.

Inspired by the country’s world boxing champion Manny Pacquaio, trainings of the Philippine Men’s National Football Team will follow the principle of his training harder than the actual game.

“That’s why our trainings should be five or even 10 times harder that the game itself so that we can be more prepared in facing our opponents,” said team manager Dan Palami.

The team is already on their second week of training after a month and half’s break from practices. The first two weeks were focused on physical fitness to make sure the players are in top shape.

Players regularly execute the copper exercise twice during trainings, which is an eight-round run on the track in 12 minutes.

The team’s keepers were supposed to train with a Swiss coach but the latter begged off due to some commitment with the Swiss Football Club. But the team is still positive with new arrangements with the goalkeeper coach.

“Sri Lanka is a team that we can never take for granted but the Azkals stand a good chance of getting past the World Cup qualifying first round,” Palami said.

Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo said the team bonding here in Cebu made their brotherhood stronger.

“Our stay has been great so far. We had more stuff to do but the activities bonded the team,” Borromeo said.

The team will be on a training camp in Germany from June 12 to 26 despite criticisms from Juan Cutillas, the Azkals’ former coach, who said the Germany training is just a waste of money.

“Well if it’s money wasted then it’s my money that is wasted,” Palami said.

Palami added he still thinks the training in Germany will be very helpful to the team because they will also be playing tune-up matches with second and third division teams in Europe.

“This will be very good for our conditioning. The Europe teams are in their off-season and this will be good to usher them back into training,” said Borromeo.

On June 7, the Azkals are expected to see action as the Federation International de Football Association is arranging a match for them against a national team.

The team will fly to Bahrain to play against its national football team after the game in Sri Lanka.

From Germany, they will go straight to Sri Lanka for the World Cup first round match on June 29.

The other members of the team like Angel Aldeguer, Stephen Shrock, Rob Gier and Ray Johnson will be present in the boot camp in Germany. Chris Greatwich is still uncertain if he can make it.(CDG) Sun.Star Cebu