Some Azkals distracted by showbiz?

By Ricardo F. Lo

A story in The STAR’s Sports section the other day should serve as an eye-opener for some Azkals who are “distracted” from training for the FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier match with Sri Lanka in June and July.

Writer Olmin Leyba mentioned that Azkals coach Michael Weiss lamented how tired most of the players are “due to a number of things, from commitments to clubs and other ongoing competitions, to other non-football stuff,” with some of the more popular ones “moonlighting in product endorsements and modeling.”

And, I should add, being, as a venerable sports writer put it, “showbiz na showbiz.”

Without naming names, he was obviously referring to Phil Younghusband who is savoring his second wind in showbiz in which he was already “burned” during his first venture into it when he cried unabashedly on national television when he lost in the GMA “talent” search Celebrity Duets and parted with his manager Joyce Ramirez under unsavory circumstances.

The cramps that he’s reportedly suffering from hasn’t seemed to stop showbiz-crazy Phil from hogging the showbiz limelight which he shares with a ready-and-willing-and-able Angel Locsin who continues to insist that she’s “happily single” even if Phil insists that they are “exclusively dating.” Now, who between the two should the public believe? Are they perhaps taking us gullible showbiz-watchers for a joyride?

“Football is getting to be popular in the Philippines only now at sayang naman kung mabubulilyaso pa,” added the sports writer, adding that Phil (singled out because he’s the one who is “showbiz na showbiz”) should concentrate on football like his brother James “who is focused on the game. Maybe Phil is enjoying his new-found popularity because it’s profitable. I heard that, thanks to his ‘showbiz connection,’ he’s now charging a sizeable amount per personal appearance.”

Well and good. Make hay while the sun shines.

“But he and some of the other Azkals should take care of football because that’s the source of whatever perks they are enjoying now,” advised the sports writer.

Come to think of it, maybe Angelica Panganiban was right after all when she gave Phil Younghusband the unsolicited but friendly advice to lie low from showbiz and focus on football. Source

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